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Because it’s March, and we are looking at yet another snow day tomorrow, I thought I’d pull a few of my favorite recipes for a snow day.

Anything Slow Cooker Related
These are perfect because you have the time to prep and cook the recipe while you are stuck inside—and there is always plenty of leftovers in case you can’t get out of your house for a few days.

Braised Short Ribs
This recipe is great for any cold day—it’s warmth and richness make you think spring will be just another bite away!

Turkey Chili
My go-to recipe that will last for DAYS. Use turkey if you’re on a health kick, but I’ve also adapted this using a mix of beef, lamb, even BISON to give it a richer flavor. Serve with cast-iron corn bread.

Homemade Bread
YES YOU CAN! Use that down time to let your bread rise—it’s super easy, and needs hardly any ingredients. It’s a great side with dinner, but can work for breakfast, snacks, or dessert too.


Stay warm!