While I didn’t really have a grand purpose in trying out a Vegan diet for 30 days, a few main points have solidified in my brain on why and what my goals are:

  1. Wean myself away from cheese. I’m a cheese FREAK. (Case-in-point: I made my friends stop at a place called Cheese Haven while in Ohio). While it’s amazing and delicious, I would also like to lose about 10 pounds in the next six months, and eating less cheese will definitely help that goal. I’m not giving it up, but again, just looking for other alternatives that are equally delicious.
  2. Support my friend. Megan has wanted to try this, and what kind of friend would I be to flaunt my meat and cheese eating in front of her! Check out her blog post about her own goals for the month.
  3. Don’t stress the little things. Let’s face it, I will eat meat again. I will eat cheese again. I’m doing this as a test of my willpower and creativity, not to be perfect. I WILL eat honey. And Whole Wheat Bread (it has honey). And things that have a microscopic amount of gelatin in them. But not Perfect Pita. They add FETA to their hummus, which I found out a little too late the other day.
  4. As with my first vegetarian stint, a general goal is to learn new cooking techniques and force myself to use a broader range of ingredients that are healthy and delicious. Last time I mastered eggplant, this time I’ve made it my goal to prepare at least one tofu dish that I would make again.

Tofu is a little too slimy for me, so it will be a challenge. The first test was tonight, which I will discuss in a different post, but I did want to share a hilarious GIF of me trying out my marinated tofu for the first time:

Tofu TryThe tofu wasn’t actually that bad, but the texture is definitely something that I’m not that keen on. I will be searching this month for other techniques that might expand tofu’s range for me.