More Le Creuset!

So everyone knows how happy I was when I got my very first Le Creuset. It was a life goal for me, and long before I ever thought I would, one landed in my lap thanks to a lot of votes from my friends. Well, my friends have helped me again, specifically my very good friend Robin. I helped her out with some design work for her wedding, and she went WAY over the top to thank me with a plethora of Le Creuset cookware.

In a complete surprise package, I got the above casserole dishes and a multi-function pot, with a small frying pan that doubles as a lid for the larger pot. Because I’m cooking for two-three people at most, I love the small size of the casserole dishes, and the space saved by the two-pots-in-one. The latter came with a booklet of recipes to try, so look for those coming up.

What made getting the Le Creuset even better was the fact that Chris returned last week from Japan with some really cool gifts for me. He brought back a fun sake set, and some painted serving bowls that are just gorgeous. Both are below.

sake set

Japanese Bowls