Goodbye mustard yellow appliances:

Hello Frigidaire!

Dishwasher with hidden buttons!

Fancy ceramic stove top

Nice how magnets make even the newest appliance seem old…

stackable shelves!

The best part was that Chris and I installed the oven vent ourselves. Booya.

Best new appliance stories so far:

  • The first time we ran the dishwasher, we thought it was broken because we couldn’t hear the water running. I literally had my ear to the door and couldn’t hear it. 🙂
  • We were able to adjust the fridge door shelves to keep our Growler of Star Hill beer in the side
  • I just tried out our quick bake feature—which is like a convection—and the pizza turned out AMAZING. The outside was crispy, the inside was gooey, and the cheese was melted.