My parents decided to visit Chris and I this weekend in a pretty rare visit (San Antonio is a long way away) so when they were planning their trip I began researching great places to eat while they were here. Restaurant Eve seems a no-brainer. It’s the best place to eat in Old Town, my new neighborhood, and I absolutely love its American bistro counterpart, The Majestic.

Then my mother emailed and let me know she’d love to go to Volt. And not just the regular dining room, but Table 21, the fabulous table that is INSIDE the kitchen where you can watch the Chef make 21 magical treats for you that go beyond your typical culinary imagination. How can you turn that down?

My general opinion about fancy dinners is that they are magnificent, but better in moderation. You don’t want to have every meal out at a four star restaurant because at some point, the experience begins to weaken and you start to think spending $70 on a meal is not that big a deal.

So for the first time, I’ve agreed to two fancy dinners in the same weekend. Restaurant Eve on Friday—Volt on Sunday. My main concern is that one or the other (or both) will not live up to the expectations because it’s too recent an experience to the other. But maybe that’s a mistake—good food is good food, and it just means you have two great meals in one week.

What would you do? How many fancy meals have you had in a week?

Edit: 3/24/11
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