It’s been four days so far, and I can already tell just adjusting my current diet is not going work long term. I thought this would be the easiest week in terms of rules, but the problem with not making actual change, is that it is too tempting to cheat.

Working Out: This has been going well–I’m up to 30 minutes every other day, and once I’m not so sore on off-days, I’d like to start working out every day. There’s usually a 30 minute window between when I get home and when Chris joins me, so it’s a great use of that time.

Breakfast/Snack: Haven’t gotten to this yet, but I did buy instant oatmeal to keep at work. I also stocked up on Kashi Bars as a healthy snack. The carrots and celery are still in the fridge…but I have managed to stay away from soda. I’ve had a few sips this week to ease me into an all-out fast.

On the coffee front, I’ve decided to try something new that Chris told me about. He suggested drinking a large glass of water in the morning instead of coffee–and while it doesn’t work every day (especially before a morning meeting) it does wake me up. My rule now: Every morning, I will have a large glass of water before I have coffee. Some days, this will be enough, and others, not. But it’s better than just giving in to the caffeine.

Eating Half-Sizes: This has been the hardest part, and something I know I would not be able to keep up. Going out at lunch and eating half isn’t hard, and a good way to keep your weight in check–but to keep eating that smaller portion for both lunch and dinner is a little too hard.

I went to Chipotle today and ate half the burrito bowl there—and while I was full, as soon as I came home at 6 I was pretty starved. Same thing the other day when I grabbed a small bowl at Noodles & Company. The problem with small meals is you have to plan pretty well—because if you wait too long, your hunger will get the better of you and suddenly chips and salsa seems like a GREAT snack. I’m starving right now (having finished the other half of my Chipotle bowl, plus a slice of pizza from last night)…and the juice I bought isn’t quite doing the trick.

Stupid dieting.