I saw this deal for Sweetgreen on Living Social today and decided to check it out before buying my $40 coupon for $20. Sweetgreen is a local company started in Georgetown that focuses on local, organic ingredients. Fast food that is fresh. Sounds yummy right? Plus once I saw the avocado staring at me on their website I knew I had to try it, so I went there for lunch:

Set up like Chipotle, only with yummy, healthy ingredients
A perfect lunch for someone who loves toppings

The layout was very clean, and there was a big chalkboard next to the counter that detailed both the local farms used that day, and the seasonal ingredients to choose from. They have eight salads on the menu that could also be made into a wrap with no extra charge. You get to choose light, medium, or heavy dressing, and they serve it with a piece of fresh bread!

There are a few locations in the area, so if you are close by one, you should definitely try it out–if not take my word for it and buy the coupon (it’s good for another day or two).