So I rarely make desserts because that’s totally in my mother’s realm, but this recipe was easy, and delicious and I had to share:

So I totally wish this was the one I made, but by the time I remembered my blog the entire thing was gone! I made this on Thursday for my coworker’s birthday and it was a great success.

Strawberry Shortcake
by Cooking Light

If you are looking for a quick, delicious dessert—this is totally easy to do. The hardest party was slicing the shortcake in the middle, and that can easily be bypassed by rolling out individual biscuits instead of making the large, round cake. I baked TWO in 45 minutes. (I actually made two because the first go-round I couldn’t remember if I had added one or two cups of flour–so I put in another cup and it ended up slightly too thick. Luckily, I baked that one anyway into those individual sized cakes (each about the size of my palm–and they also turned out gorgeous!)

The lemon rind is a great addition to the dough–with the strawberry topping it really gave the cake a fresh taste.