Here’s a quick one before I go to work. First of all, I feel I passed my first test for budgeting last night when I decided NOT to get Thai takeout and drove straight home instead. I used up leftover beans/cheese/rotel to make some quesadillas…and spend NO money.

For those curious how this can work for you, I have already figured out the best part of my plan: putting a monetary value on your daily food budget. $300 in a month is a big figure that is easy to chip away from—$30 here for dinner, $21 there for groceries—but by dividing that up daily, I have an easy number to keep track of: $10 a day. That’s a lunch out. Or produce for dinner. The idea here is that I use up more that is in my house, and days where I don’t spend anything (on Wednesday) I was able to pay that budget forward and spend $20 on Thursday for birthday cake materials.

I’m celebrating today by eating out for lunch. I must stay strong—order off the lunch menu and DONT order a soda. It can be done!!