This weekend I decided to escape DC to visit my sister in Brooklyn. I ran into a friend on the bus, and she inevitably asked what Alicia and I would be eating this weekend–because when the Weaver sisters get together, it’s usually a food-centric trip.

Friday Night I got in around 8:30, and we went to try Hancos—they are known for Bin Maih Sandwiches and Bubble Tea. Alicia lives super close to this place, and got really excited last month when it was featured on This American Life on NPR. Really, really awesome sandwiches. I had the Classic sandwich (ground pork, ham, pate) and Alicia had the Grilled Pork. We ordered them mild–and then added on our own saracha at home. Great way to start my vacation.

Papusas at the Brooklyn Flea: Two for $5!

Saturday we started off at the Brooklyn Flea Market. Alicia and I meant to grab some lobster rolls, which she said were amazing, but when I realized they were the much-anticipated Red Hook Lobster Rolls that just arrived in DC, I decided to go for something I could not immediately grab at home. Hello Papusas:

Looks like a mess, but very tasty

We ordered four: a jalapeno, cheese, zucchini, and pork (all ingredients are cooked into the dough and then served with sour cream, pickled cabbage, salsa, and jalapenos). Zucchini was amazing, and was a great pairing with the incredibly spicy jalapeno.

Grand Army Plaza Market

After papusas, we walked them off by walking to the Prospect Park Farmers Market. Lots of really amazing produce was there for the taking: peaches, tomatoes, eggplant. I made Alicia grab some delicious looking Kale so we could make this crispy kale recipe Christina told me about back during my Vegetarian month. I’m thinking that will be our treat before dinner.