Hanoi Style Wild Board Burger: Amazing!!

Over the weekend Alicia and I went down to Rosslyn to explore Ray’s Hell Burger Too. This would be Michael Landrum’s second burger joint in the same parking lot (where his original Hell Burger use to be-between the Real Estate and Pho restaurant). In case you want to miss out on the Obama groupies at the current Hell Burger, this is a great, more low-key alternative.

What’s Fantastic:

  • The Wild Board burger (shown above). Served ‘Hanoi style’ which interprets as asian marinade and a tangy coleslaw on top. It looks simple, but the flavors are really amazing. Must be served well done, but excellent all the same.
  • Smaller sizes. My main complain against Hell Burger is the enormity of the burgers. It’s a fantastic burger,  but one you have to eat on an empty stomach because it’s HUGE. I like taking guys here because they appreciate the meat orgy—but if I’m picking a burger place for myself I’d rather go into DC to Good Stuff. Not any more. Offering a smaller (and cheaper!) burger size, Hell Burger Too suddenly makes itself a closer and equally delicious option.
  • Servers! Although I love the crazy feel of the original Hell Burger–finding a seat, ordering quickly and with cash–Hell Burger Too not only accepts credit cards but also acts more like a sit down restaurant.
Venison Burger….blah with a side of ugg

What Needs Work:

  • Alicia had the Venison Burger—the other ‘wild meat’ on the menu—and that was…adequate. Best description is that it had one note. Served with a chestnut puree and our cherry-brandy glaze, the dish missed a pizazz that made me want to keep eating. I added salt to give it a little zing, and Alicia suggested balsamic…we’re not really sure what it needs, but it doesn’t feel complete yet. Definitely not worth the $12 price tag.
  • Other wild meats? There was a vegetarian option on the menu, but what about the other promised meats originally hinted about: “elk, antelope, wild duck and ostrich” I’d love to see those on a plate.

Has anyone else been? Let me know what you though…