So having a slight obsession with Spike from Top Chef, I’ve been a little excited about trying out his new pizza restaurant, We the Pizza. I went tonight with Sam and Lauren, and for a restaurant that has only been open a week, the pies were pretty good.

You can order by the slice ($4) or an entire pie ($16-$18). You can’t do half-half pies, or make custom orders. The menu also included a lot of subs, wings (spelled out stupidly as “we’ izings”), and (in a new twist) homemade sodas.

I ordered a White Pie (Today’s ricotta, fontina, roasted garlic, Parmesan, mozz, sea salt, olive oil, fresh Italian parsley) and a Buffalo Chicken (Spicy boneless chicken wings, creamy blue cheese, mozz, Miguel’s hot sauce) with the Ginger Soda.

The soda included actual ginger in the bottom of the glass-muddled before my eyes after I ordered it. A real shot of ginger–so only order this if you love the stuff. Really nice and refreshing with rest of the order.

The White Pie JUST came out of the oven when I ordered, so that was still hot and oozing with oil and melted cheese. It had just enough roasted garlic, and the cheese level wasn’t anything disgustingly gross. There was a great level of saltiness to the melted cheese, and the huge chunks of ricotta were fresh and delicious). 

The Buffalo Chicken slice was definitely the best buffalo pizza I’ve ever ordered. Instead of stopping with just the chicken and sauce, Spike added this blue cheese to the mix that really brought the entire pie together–it wasn’t just a buffalo pizza, but a buffalo chicken wing on a pizza. next time I’ll definitely have to order some we’izings too.

Great Drunk Food. It’s right next door to Pour House, so I’m definitely stopping in during bocce season for a slice.
Order an Entire Pie. There were some inconsistencies in the crust–I think because some pies had been sitting out long and others were fresh from the oven.
Good Selection. There were enough specialty pizzas you shouldn’t have a problem ordering. Next time i’m grabbing the Mushroom pizza (with truffles!) and the Greek Deep Dish (made with a sesame crust?!)