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So for the FINAL World Cup game I went to Spider Kelly’s, newly renovated this spring, four-time larger and full of TV screens. Perfect place for me to sit down and eat, and yet still have enough distraction for my friend Ryan who was visiting and wanted to watch the game.

The Too-Many-Nachos, on the other hand, were amazing and totally worth their price. Couldn’t finish them, because (of course) they were way too many. 🙂

I grabbed the Pork Shoulder Hash, which was really tasty, but not as filling as I expected for the price. It helped that the Bloody Marys were $3 and super delicious. I asked for an extra-spicy drink, and the waiter obliged by adding Sriracha…yum..

Makes me go Yum: food 8/10
Thrifty for Alcoholics: price 6/10 (if you’re a Bloody Mary fan, that can go up to an 8 or 9)
Best For a brunch when you’re not too hungry, or want to watch a sports game.