So my month of Vegetarianism is winding down, and on the eve of eating a REALLY juicy steak for lunch tomorrow, I wanted to throw a few thoughts out there.

1. I challenge everyone to try this. Maybe it’s not a month, but a week or a day or even just a meal–however long you choose, know that there are some delicious options out there without meat, without dairy, or without both!

2. Eat more produce! I learned how to cook eggplant, quinoa, tofu, and tempeh this month. I think moving forward I’m going to continue pushing myself to expand what I cook for myself.

3. Vegetarianism is EXPENSIVE! I really tried to push myself at the beginning of the month, but after about 10 days I realized selecting these amazing recipes with 15 ingredients each was just not going to work. Produce is expensive, especially if you buy a lot of it. By the last week or so I started to figure out how to push what I’ve bought into two or three meals, but it’s hard when you’re also trying to experiment with new meals.

So am I going to stay a vegetarian? No. But it didn’t kill me when I was, and I might try it again soon.