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So I think I’m finally getting the hang of this tofu thing. First off, I pressed it on Sunday, sliced it into cubes, and froze back the pieces until today. The idea was to throw the cubes on the skillet and watch them sizzle…but alas, my cast iron does not get hot enough (plus I think I was using the wrong oils) so all I got instead was browned tofu that didn’t break up into pieces. But it tasted good!

I set the tofu aside and then flash fried squash, zucchini (finally used the last of it!) onions, and peas. A.k.a. the leftover veggie plate from Friday night’s party. Toward the end, I tossed in soy sauce, ground ginger, a little turmeric (although i don’t think that did much) and a few slices of pickled ginger with some of its sauce. (Thinking back to David and Megan’s comments earlier). Refraining from adding tomato sauce of any kind, the meal was simple and still quite tasty. I served it with more quinoa, although rice would have been more traditional.

Can you believe I have ONE day left?!