I went to a wedding on Saturday, which meant I had a three-hour drive down Saturday morning, and a five hour drive back on Sunday afternoon. Both times I experienced typical lunch-time hunger, and then realized with growing dread (and growing stomach growlings) that there was nothing on the side of the road for me to eat.

I was actually really sad about this because my coworker Cindy had told me about this great deli in Virginia Beach, The Jewish Mother, that I was planning to eat lunch at until I realized if I walked into a deli and ordered….bread? Potato salad? I thought I would be completely out of luck in a beach town as far as meatless meals goes, until I saw my hotel was located in the Chain Restaurant Captial. P.F. Changs, Cheesecake Factory, California Pizza Kitchen…tons of city-friendly chains with several vegetarian options. I ended up grabbing a Veggie Curry at P.F. Changs—tasty, and with tofu!

Coming home was a little harder. I left around 11, and had eaten a bagel before getting on the road, so I didn’t want to grab anything immediately. Once on the highway, I realized the typical highway fast food places just wouldn’t cut it. I kept driving past each exit, hoping for something that would have some proper vegetarian dishes, but without luck. Burgers. Burgers. Chicken. Burgers.

Nearly five hours later, I was home, and starving. Next time I’m bringing trail mix.