My Shopping List Today:

First of all, I’m super impressed by the amount of fresh produce on the list. Eating more fresh veggies was a major reason for starting this project, so I’m glad to see it’s working. The list includes items for my eggplant salad experiment, a white gazpacho soup, shaved asparagus salad, and hummus ingredients—all things I hope to make this week.

The price tag was less impressive:

I’m trying to figure out if eating Vegetarian is definitely more expensive, or works out over the long run. I’ve got dinner planned our for a few weeks, so it might even out if I eat out less. I’m going to start a sidebar keeping track of the price tag to see how this plays out over the course of the month.

One point I’ve figured out is a lot of my food so far is stocking up on vinegars and other long-lasting items I can reuse more. It’s an expensive start-up price tag, but I should be able to keep the Miren, Miso Paste, etc. for a few months.