Apparently my fixation with meat is more intense than I thought. Celebrating the end of bocce, my team had a BBQ tonight, with juicy steak, perfectly charred hot dogs, delicious smelling chicken….and swiss cheese. So here I am with my Grilled Swiss Cheese Sandwich. I added some potato chips to the mix to give it a little crunch, but it was less than inspiring.

Although later I DID get to try delicious corn again. Grilled corn on the cob might be the ticket to surviving this month.

Also, I’ve added a listing on the side where I can post my current cravings. Today it was Popeye’s Biscuits. At first I thought it would be okay because it’s vegetarian, but then (depressingly) realized they prol cook those in some sort of animal fat. I knew they tasted so delicious for a reason…it’s going on the list!

Also, Tofu Attempt No. 1 was earlier tonight. I was less than impressed–but will post about that tomorrow once I see how the leftovers taste. I’m not giving up, but will need to work harder to perfect cooking this soy beast.