Originally, I was suppose to go Veggie in May, but decided there was no WAY I wanted to go through Memorial Day Weekend without a juicy steak. Megan, Robin, and I lounged around the pool Sunday, and I marinated three New York Strips in this Spice Rub I found in Food & Wine last month.

The spice rub. I think the Paprika and cumin overpowered the other spices, but it was still pretty tasty. I’ll save this recipe for skirt steak or fajitas in the future, it was definitely on the spicy side.

My first attempt at grilling corn: Robin told me the trick to juicy grilled corn is to soak the ears in water for 20 minutes before putting them on the grill. These stayed on for about 25 minutes, and were the perfect combination of juicy and crispy. I feel I’ll be eating a lot of corn this month, especially while it’s so cheap (12 ears for $2)

A look at the full grill

The final meal:

We were going for Medium Rare, but ended up with Medium Well-Medium. Not bad for my first attempt (and on a gas grill), but I think next time I can do better. I feel setting a time to a done-ness works well, but there was no way to know that on a new grill. we tried a meat thermometer, but it wasn’t as reliable and ended up with a little overcooking. Let me know how you usually time steaks…