Hooray food blog! I’m still not sure about the name, but June has arrived and it’s too late to delay this any longer. Here’s a quick explanation of what I’m doing:

I love food. I enjoy cooking things for myself and friends, as well as eating out at both nice and divey places. Any cuisine is fine by me–it’s more about experimenting than just eating the same old meals week after week.

And that leads me to this blog. I’ve gotten in a rut–I don’t cook with enough vegetables, or follow enough recipes. I’ve gotten lazy–dependent on my stand-by homemade pizza recipe and my ability to turn anything in my pantry into some amazing pasta dish (you can do wonders with a little olive oil and Parmesan). So I’ve decided to make things a little hard on myself. Starting with my first challenge: vegetarianism.

First rule: I have NO plans to stay vegetarian after this month. I’m approaching this as a fun challenge that will force me to use more fresh produce, attempt some tofu and temphe recipes, and test my resolve to stick to something. (I’m still reeling from not quite making it through my Lenten fast from alcohol–I only made it about 30 days in, and hit a wall that is a St. Patty’s Day Guinness pint).

Second: I’m going to try to photograph most of my meals for everyone to see–don’t plan on long novels like this one every post. I’ll make sure recipes and tips are included each week, but look forward to my followers commenting on my progress and suggesting new dishes for me to try.

BONUS: I’ve decided the final week of June will be my Vegan power week. I shudder to think of a life without cheese, but think that after three weeks without meat, the least I can do is try it out and see what I miss the most.

What I’m making tomorrow: Baby Bok Choy, shiitake mushrooms, and tofu! Not sure how that makes a meal, but I think rice is in order…